Early Morning Sessions – 8.30am til 9.00am

We offer an 8.30am start time. This is open to all families once your child has settled into the pre-school routine and will be available each day for a maximum of six children.

Subject to numbers, sessions will be available at short notice at a cost of £4.00, payable the day before.

Greenslade Pre-school will have two start times, so unless you have booked your child in on an ‘early morning session’, their start time will remain at 9.00am and the doors will only open again at that time.


Late Afternoon Sessions – 3pm up until 5.30pm

We offer late finishes up until 5.30pm

Sessions will be available at a cost of £16.50 per late finish from September 2019


Should you wish to book in some Early Morning or Late Afternoon sessions, please see a member of staff, who will be happy to help you.


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Contact Details:


Greenslade Pre-School

Pound Lane


BS48 2NN


01275 858359

07934 131 558




Session Times:


Am session 9.00am - 12.00pm

Pm session including lunch 12.00pm - 3.00pm


Sessions may be combined to provide a full day 9.00am - 3.00pm


We offer late finishes, up until 5.30pm, at a rate from September 2019 of £16.50 per late finish and we early starts from 8.30am at a cost of £4 per session



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OfSted Report 2015


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