What The Children Say About Greenslade

Before the children leave to start school they are asked a series of four questions about their time at Greenslade Pre-school. Below are the questions with their answers:


Class of 2017











Can you tell me what you enjoy doing best at Pre-school and why?
  • “I like everything” – Ethan
  • “I love playing in the sandpit a little and that (pointing to the dinosaurs). They are really cool, but a meteor hit our planet and the all died before we were here” – Matthew
  • “The pushchairs, they are the best and make-up” – Sophie H
  • “Magnets, cause they stick metal together” – Charlie
  • “Drawing cause I like drawing Harry pictures. He’s coming to my school too cause he’s getting older for pre-school” – Ella
  • “To play, play, play. Cause I do” – Peter
  • “I like everything” – Lucy
  • “Playing with the dolls cause we get to have fun with them” – Sophia
  • “I like having lunch time cause I have one of those yoghurt things” – Olivia
  • “Playing at being builders” – Dexter
  • “Playing cars because the go really fast. The James Bond car” – Rory
  • “Register time, cause I like sitting down” – Felicity
  • “The sandpit. It’s got more spades and it’s bigger” – Libby
  • “Parachute cause I catched the ball and put it back on” – Olivia
  • “I think I like to draw because it’s my favourite thing” – Sky
  • “Going outside, water toys” – Maisie


Tell me what makes you happy at pre-school?
  • “Playing with playdough, I make snails” – Ethan
  • “I love being a builder, cause my daddy’s a carpenter. He builds what is broken” – Matthew
  • “The cycle things, cause I just like too” – Ella
  • “Playing paint, but at home I can’t paint, we have no brushes and paint” – Sara
  • “Going with all my friends at Pre-school” – Nathan
  • “Sharing. If we share we can make friends happy” – Sky
  • “When the suns up” – Rory
  • “Reading stories because they have so many pictures and words” – Chloe
  • “The toys, just so much fun” – Yvie
  • “Playing and having fun” – Sophia
  • “Flowers, because they’re pretty” – Libby
  • “Playing, cause we do drawing and we go to the gym” – Lucy


Is there anything that makes you feel sad or anything you don’t enjoy about Pre-school and why?
  •  “I don’t like cleaning my feet when they are sandy” – Aimee
  • “I don’t like playing with that dirt cause it makes my hands all muddy and I don’t like mud” – Chloe
  • “I stop when Debbie says stop, but some with the big ball don’t. That why I don’t like that” – Nathan
  • “I sometimes make a fuss and always ask mummy if it’s a Lisa day” – Sophie W


What will you miss about your Pre-school and why?
  • “Nothing, cause Oliver and Thomas there” (pointing to Kingshill) – Jack
  • “Friends” – Sophia H
  • “The teachers”Lyra
  • “Playing outside on the grass with Yvie” Erin
  • “Friends, I will come and visit you though” – Paige
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We offer late finishes, up until 5.30pm, at a rate from September 2019 of £16.50 per late finish and we early starts from 8.30am at a cost of £4 per session



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